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Skyward Advantages

Skyward offers a comprehensive state-sponsored student information system (SSIS) at a discounted price and with additional benefits such as disaster recovery services, a five-year pricing guarantee, and hosting.

Skyward State-sponsored Student Information System

  • Providing K-12 administrative software solutions since 1980
  • Provides software for more than 1,600 local education agencies (LEAs—Texas school districts and charter schools) of all sizes around the globe
  • Maintains ten (10) regional offices across the country, including Dallas and Austin
  • Serves 192 LEAs in Texas with over 1 million students
  • One of two state-sponsored SIS vendors

New for SSIS Subscribers

  • New data center in Texas
  • Enhanced functionality for tracking discipline, special programs, and health data
  • Customizable registration screen
  • Enhanced scheduling features for managing multiple tracks, groups, and calendars

Skyward is now offering an additional service: the Professional Development Center, a self-paced learning center to assist training of new staff or advanced learning for experienced users. Includes online tutorials, simulations, and testing options. A powerful learning tool for all staff in school districts that helps them hone their skills for more efficient use of Skyward’s School Management System 2.0.

Cost: $0.50/student

    Note that LEAs are NOT required to purchase a state-sponsored SIS; if they prefer, LEAs may continue to use a non-state-sponsored SIS to provide their Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS)-compliant PEIMS extracts.

    CORE Subscription and ASP Hosting

    Prices updated 15 August, 2016


    FY 2012

    FY 2013

    FY 2014

    FY 2015

    FY 2016

    FY 2017

    CORE Subscription FeeAnnual$7.00$7.00$7.00$7.25$7.25$7.53
    ASP Hosting FeeAnnual$2.65$2.65$2.65$2.95$2.95$3.06

    Optional Modules

     FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015FY 2016 FY 2017
    Special EducationAnnual$1.25$1.29$1.33$1.38*$1.43
    Food ServiceAnnual$1.25$1.29$1.33$1.38*$1.43
    Fee ManagementAnnual$1.00$1.03$1.06$1.10*$1.14
    Curriculum (Edu Track)Annual$1.00$1.03$1.06$1.10*$1.14
    Textbook TrackingAnnual$1.00$1.03$1.06$1.10*$1.14

    Professional Services**

     FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015FY 2016FY 2017
    ProgrammingPer Hour$100$103$106$110*$110
    Project ManagementPer Hour$125$125$125$125*$125
    TrainingPer Hour$100$103$106$110*$110
    Network/Technical ConsultingPer Hour$100$103$106$110*$110
    Daily Training Rate (expenses included)Per Day$1,250$1,250$1,250$1,250*$1,297

    Cost by Enrollment (Travel Billed Separately)

    EnrollmentImplementProject MgmtData Conversions
    5 Yrs             
    |             10 Yrs
    Hosting Setup
    < 2.5K$8,773$3,005$9,954$14,427$1,500
    2.5 - 5K$16,885$5,509$13,730$20,441$1,500
    5 - 10K$53,020$7,863$29,355$43,894$1,500
    10 - 20K$79,200$10,016$29,355$43,894$1,500
    20 - 40K$118,800$22,536$37,746$56,764$1,500
    > 40KNegotiatedNegotiatedNegotiatedNegotiated$1,500

    Cost by Enrollment (Travel Expenses Included) 

    EnrollmentImplementProject MgmtData Conversion
    5 Yrs           
    |             10 Yrs
    Hosting Setup
    < 2.5K$10,253$3,005$9,954$14,427$1,500
    2.5 - 5K$20,215$5,509$13,730$20,441$1,500
    5 - 10K$74,480$7,863$29,355$43,894$1,500
    10 - 20K$111,760$10,016$29,355$43,894$1,500
    20 - 40K$167,2455$22,536$37,746$56,746$1,500
    > 40KNegotiatedNegotiatedNegotiatedNegotiated$1,500

    SSIS Pricing & Contracts


    Also, see TEA's case study of 4 SSIS LEAs

    For More Information

    Contact the TEA Skyward Contract Manager 

          Mark Stehouwer

          Phone:  512-463-7643 

          Fax:  512-463-1775


    For more information about Skyward, visit the Skyward home page