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What is a State-sponsored Student Information System?

A premium solution for maintaining student data, at an attractive cost, with assured vendor support for state and local needs and built-in disaster recovery.

State-sponsored SIS

Why Choose a SSIS?

Skip the RFP

Creating a comprehensive RFP is a very time consuming and expensive process to districts. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) completed an RFP process for a Student Information System in 2012. A master contract was created and ratified on behalf of districts. Two vendors were selected – Skyward and Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC). Districts may now contract with either of these vendors without going through the RFP process.


  • Substantial cost savings per student over current solutions
  • Partnering with established vendors—Skyward and TCC
  • Enhanced Skyward and TCC TxEIS SSISs with richer feature sets
  • Easy contracting vehicle—no need to conduct RFPs


  • Streamlined PEIMS support
  • Added support for transition to TEA's Education Data Warehouse


  • 24/7 availability accessible from anywhere
  • No local hardware to support
  • Failover and disaster recovery
  • Quick turnaround time for reporting data

Note that local education agencies (LEAs - Texas school districts and charter schools) are NOT required to purchase a state-sponsored SIS; if they prefer, LEAs may continue to use a non-state-sponsored SIS to provide their Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS)-compliant PEIMS extracts.

For more on the benefits of a SSIS, download the Intro to SSIS presentation.  

Will a SSIS Benefit my LEA?

Run the Numbers

Use our workbook to compare the cost of your current system against either SSIS (See Total Cost of Ownership Analysis).

Enter (or guesstimate) the figures for your LEA, and get an automatic comparison with the two SSIS vendors.

Get the Facts

Read our SSIS contracts and pricing to see if they work for you (SkywardTxEIS). You can even use this information to negotiate with your existing vendor for a better deal with your current system.

You can also read our case study with four LEAs that have subscribed to our SSISs for more information on whether or not a SSIS is right for your LEA.

Our goal is to help you get more functionality at a lower cost—whether you choose a SSIS or not!

Total Cost of Ownership

This workbook will help you compare the costs of your current SIS against the not-to-exceed prices for Skyward and TxEIS. Check potential savings or use as a negotiating tool with any vendor. To download the workbook, or to learn more about it, visit our Total Cost of Ownership Analysis page.

Contact and Further Information

For more information, visit the SSIS FAQs page or contact

Mark Stehouwer, TEA's Skyward Contract Manager



Cynthia Cammack, TEA's TxEIS Contract Manager





  LEAs' local data systems send education data to the Operational Data Store, where it can be used for either PEIMS reporting or the studentGPS® Dashboards.