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What is the TxEIS SSIS?

TxEIS is the Texas Computer Cooperative's (TCC) student information system for K-12, newly enhanced as a state-sponsored system and offered at an across-the-board discounted price.

TCC TxEIS State-sponsored Student Information System

TxEIS Advantages 

  • A common integrated system for Texas school districts that supports accountability requirements
  • A single integrated system for Texas LEAs that supports accountability requirements   
  • The solution for analytical, reporting, and data access needs as defined by the Texas educational community

New for SSIS Subscribers

  • Enhanced functionality and new modules
  • A closer partnership with TEA, ensuring that the software is always compliant with the latest PEIMS data standards (TEDS)
  • A significantly reduced price for most customers
  • Easy conversion for existing TxEIS customers
  • Optional software packages available to subscribers at reduced pricing

TxEIS is available as both a state-sponsored SIS and as a non-state-sponsored SIS. LEAs are NOT required to purchase a state-sponsored SIS; if they prefer, LEAs may continue to use a non-state-sponsored SIS to provide their TEDS-compliant PEIMS extracts. 

Summary CORE Subscription and Hosting*

CORE subscription FeeAnnual$8.00$8.00$8.24$8.49$8.74$9.00
Hosting FeeAnnual$3.00$3.00$3.09$3.18$3.28$3.38

Additional Options

TCC has negotiated reduced pricing for the following items:

TIPWeb Instructional Material Management Solution
(Includes hosting and first-year maintenance)
TIPWeb-IM Initial Software License Fee                    Annual$1.25/student
TIPWeb-IM Annual Maintenance Fee
(not applicable the first year of contract)
Annual$500 + $0.25/student
Initial Setup/Installation at Data CenterOne-time$1,000.00

For more information on the Hayes products, contact your local ESC.

Enrollment-based Fees (Non-TxEIS LEAs)*

EnrollmentImplementProject MgmtData Conversion
5 Yrs
  |  10 Yrs
Hosting Setup
< 1K$3,500$700$3,500$3,500$2,100

Enrollment-based Fees (Current TxEIS LEAs)*

EnrollmentImplementProject MgmtData Conversion
5 Yrs  | 
10 Yrs
Hosting Setup
All$ -- $ --$ --$ --$700

Field Service Rates*

$105.00/hour, subject to annual adjustments.  Optional support packages are available.  The vendor will follow the general guidelines for travel costs as directed by Textravel.


*All pricing is quoted on a not-to-exceed basis.

SSIS Pricing and Contracts

SSIS Contract

Pricing Structure

TEA Service Level Agreement (not vendor-specific)

TxEIS Service Level Agreement (ESC as vendor)

TEA's case study of 4 SSIS LEAs

For more information

Contact Terri Hanson, TEA's TxEIS Contract Manager



For more information about TxEIS Plus, go to www.txeis.net