TSDS Sunset Review Process

The TSDS sunset review process ensures that all data elements required for the TSDS data collections are subject to regular oversight.

The complete set of data elements and reporting rules that make up the PEIMS collection is submitted to sunset review on a three-year cycle in accordance with Texas law. This review requires oversight bodies to annually examine approximately one-third of the data collected for the PEIMS system so that at the end of three years, every element in PEIMS has been examined. As a result of this review, TEA must stop collecting data elements that are no longer needed and amend data reporting rules as appropriate.  In the 2014-15 school year, this process was extended to include all TSDS data elements.

The purpose of the review process is to ensure that PEIMS data:

  1. provides only mandated information on students, staff, and LEA finances
  2. contains only data necessary for TEA and other state and federal bodies to fulfill their responsibility of overseeing the public education system 

The sunset reviews are performed by the Information Task Force (ITF), the Policy Committee on Public Education Information (PCPEI), and the TEA Data Governance Board.

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