LPR & Early Adopter Testing Phases

What Are the LPRs?

The Limited Production Release districts (LPRs) are LEAs that partnered with TEA to test early versions of the dashboards and TSDS PEIMS. Because they worked closely with TEA during a formative stage of the dashboard and PEIMS projects, their feedback has played a foundational role in the organization and functioning of the dashboards and PEIMS. Thanks to user input, we have:

  • Made it easier to load state assessment data to studentGPS®
  • Changed the way we handle user provisioning in studentGPS®
  • Changed the way PEIMS handles reports to be more efficient and user friendly

Their parallel testing of the data helped to ensure the accuracy of our data loading and processing. 

Who Are the LPRs?

The dashboard LPR LEAs are Lubbock (29K enrollment), Lewisville (53K), Hays (17K), Alief (46K), and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo (32K). The PEIMS LPRs are Borger (2.8K), Highland Park (902), Lewisville (53K), and Red Oak (5.5K).

The LPRs represent a range of enrollment sizes, geographic locations, and local student information systems. This range was intended to help TEA troubleshoot potential issues that might arise for a broad spectrum of future TSDS adoptees.

Once the LPR phase of each project was complete, the LPR districts transitioned to the Early Adopter program.

Feedback from the LPRs

The LPR LEAs have been a critical participant in the TSDS design and development process.  Their feedback has been incorporated in both PEIMS and studentGPS®, and ongoing reports and surveys document their lessons learned, best practices, and feedback.

Explore our case studies from Lubbock and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo to learn about how other LEAs have been implementing TSDS.

The Feedback section of this website also contains some early feedback gathered by MSDF from one of the LPRs.

Early Adopters

The Early Adopter stages opened studentGPS® and TSDS PEIMS to a wider pool of LEA and ESCs. Due to their increased numbers, the Early Adopters provided more rigorous testing of the systems and included users of most major student information system vendors in Texas, allowing us to test the system in as many different contexts as possible.

PEIMS Early Adopters provided a further layer of testing by loading their data to TSDS in parallel with their official submissions to EDIT+. This effort represented a significant investment in time and resources by our Early Adopter LEAs and ESCs, and TEA is immensely grateful to them for helping us troubleshoot promotions, validations, and reports!

In exchange for their efforts, dashboard Early Adopters got to enjoy the benefits of the dashboards before they were available statewide, while PEIMS Early Adopters were able to familiarize themselves with TSDS PEIMS well in advance of the first submission deadline.