studentGPS Stage 2 (2015-2016)


TEA will no longer require LEAs implementing the studentGPS® Dashboards to submit a Stage 2 studentGPS® Assessment application.


LEAs implementing the studentGPS® Dashboards will only be required to:


  • Submit and escalate a TIMS ticket requesting an initial Quality Assurance (QA) dashboard
  • Submit and escalate a TIMS ticket requesting the Production activation of historical metrics once the QA checklist has been completed

    Dashboard Adopter Commitments

    Please note that implementing studentGPS® does require preparation on the part of the LEA. As a dashboard adopter, you are committing to:

    • Training a designated population of teachers and administrators on the use of the studentGPS® Dashboards. 
    • Loading data into the same TSDS Education Data Warehouse (EDW) that you use for ECDS and TSDS PEIMS. Hardware requirements will be provided to the LEAs. At a minimum, a studentGPS® adopter would need to have one dedicated server and a T1 line. 
    • Establishing a TEA Login (TEAL) account for all dashboard users 
    • Providing resources for training, support, and leadership roles throughout the implementation process (see the LEA Stewards table). 

    TEA hosts the TSDS system at no cost to the LEA; however, there may be financial impact on the LEA as there may be a charge for training and support supplied by the Education Service Centers or TSDS-certified vendors. 

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