For Principals and Superintendents

What Is TSDS?

TSDS is Texas' new education data collection system. It replaces and expands on PEIMS EDIT+, and its goals are to:

  • Modernize the PEIMS data collection process to reduce technology risk and system downtime, allowing for more system availability and ease of use
  • Put real-time student performance data in the hands of educators to improve student achievement
  • Become the one common data collection platform for TEA to reduce the data collection burden on local education agencies (LEAsTexas school districts and charter schools)

Screenshot Dashboard Principals View

The screenshot shows a Principal's school overview from the studentGPS® Dashboards—click to view a larger image.

What Is Involved in TSDS?

To achieve these goals, TEA has focused its efforts on improving three key areas for LEAs:

(1) Improving PEIMS  

TEA is rewriting PEIMS to include (A) XML data loads via our new Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS), (B) the ability to compile partial data loads to create a submission, (C) a new client-side validation tool to identify errors earlier, (D) the ability to load data for all submissions from the first day of school, and (E) more system capacity to reduce downtime.

(2) Access to Data

Historically, TEA has provided reports to the LEAs too late for them to be useful for ongoing student monitoring and interventions. This meant that LEAs spent significant amounts of time and money on PEIMS, while seeing very little benefit to student performance.

In TSDS, TEA leverages data that LEAs collect for PEIMS, along with additional voluntary performance data, to power the optional studentGPS® Dashboards. The dashboards will provide key metrics and analysis quickly and on an ongoing basis to any LEAs that choose to participate.

These metrics will be available to authorized LEA staff via personalized dashboards. Teachers in their classrooms, principals in their offices, and superintendents at the LEA will have ongoing access to developing trends in the data for their students, schools, and LEAs. 

(3) Better, less expensive student information systems (SISs)

TEA had engaged two SIS vendors—Skyward and TCC—to significantly enhance their products' functionality. Although the contract period for this relationship has ended and the guaranteed not-to-exceed pricing has expired, both vendors' SISs remain available.  See the full list of SISs that are compatible with TSDS on the Compatible Software page.

How To Use TSDS

To get the most value from your studentGPS® Dashboards,

  1. Load campus and LEA data to the state Education Data Warehouse (EDW) often—weekly or even daily. Data will flow from the warehouse to the dashboards, where you can review it.
  2. Check your dashboards often to spot any flagged issues or warning indicators and carry out appropriate interventions.

See TEA's Dashboard Policy Recommendations for more ideas.

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