Frequently Asked Questions – Assessments

Which assessment vendor software packages create extracts that can be loaded to the studentGPS® Dashboards?

Any assessment vendor may adapt their software to create TEDS-compliant extracts. Once they have done so, and an LEA has been able to successfully load assessment data, the vendor can apply to be added to the Compatible Software list, using the downloadable form on that page. For further information, see the Assessments page in our Technical Resources section.

What types of formats will be supported for uploading assessment data into the system (e.g., Excel, .csv, etc.)?

The files loaded into TSDS must be in the TEDS XML format. TEDS Section 7 provides the xsd schemas. The two schemas relevant to assessment vendors are:

  • InterchangeAssessmentMetadata
  • InterchangeStudentAssessment

Is there a common template for each type of assessment? For example is there a template that all schools will use for the SAT?

Yes, there is one standard XML template. Please refer to TEDS Section 7.

Is there a path to provide data directly to TSDS from vendor instead of via the LEA DTU?

The data to be loaded into TSDS will be submitted by the LEA or ESC. TSDS does not have the security and other infrastructure in place at this time to permit data to be submitted by the vendors directly. For further information, see the Assessments page in our Technical Resources section.

When a student moves from one LEA to another, if the STAAR data moves with the student, will Pearson charge the receiving LEA for the data? (Pearson charges the LEA for the student data today.)

TSDS does not currently provide the ability to transfer student data between LEAs. However, the new TSDS Unique ID system is the first step in the long-term goal of making electronic student data (both assessment data and other education data) readily transferrable between authorized LEAs.

Will any of the aggregated test data (such as school averages) be available to the public, or only to the LEA that uploaded the data? 

The aggregated data will only be available to the LEA. So, for example, a math teacher at the LEA will only see relevant math data and will not be privy to English results. It should be noted that the aggregated can be exported and/or printed from the studentGPS® Dashboards. Our Security page gives more information about how TSDS protects student and staff privacy.

Do all students already have a unique ID?

Most students have already been assigned a Unique ID as part of the Unique ID rollout in March 2013.