How Can I Load Assessment Data to TSDS?

The studentGPS® Dashboards are designed to store and display information about national, state and local assessments.

Local education agencies (LEAs—Texas school districts and charter schools) who choose to adopt the dashboards will load their assessment data via XML extracts.  LEAs can authorize TEA to load state assessments (STAAR, STAAR EOC, and TELPAS) on their behalf.  All other assessment results, including benchmarks, early learning assessments, and college readiness exams, should be loaded by the district in TEDS-compliant XML format. These loads may be conveniently scheduled through the Data Transfer Utility (DTU). Assessment vendors are encouraged to make TEDS-compliant XML files available to their client districts.


To be able to load assessment data, your LEA will need the following:

  • TEAL logins for individuals loading data (for manual loads)
  • Unique IDs for all students  
  • A server with a minimum T1 internet connection
  • A local staging area to store the extracts for pickup by TSDS  
  • A systemeither an internal or a specialized systemcapable of storing and extracting your assessments 
  • Implementation of TSDS, including the studentGPS® Dashboards, which are necessary to view the data

Vendors and Assessments

Which Assessments are available on the Dashboards?

The Dashboards include the following assessment-related metrics: 

  • Local assessments/benchmarks (DMAC and Eduphoria!)
  •  Reading Assessments (TPRI, Tejas LEE and DIBELS Next)       
  •  Language Assessments (TELPAS)
  •  State Assessments (STAAR and STAAR EOC)
  •  Advanced Academics/College Readiness Assessments (SAT, ACT, PSAT and Advanced Placement (AP))   

How do I Load Assessment Data?  

The data standards for TSDS, called the Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS), provide an extremely flexible template for loading assessment data for view in the studentGPS® Dashboards.  These standards allow LEAs to enter data for almost any assessment they choose, provided their local software can extract the data in a TEDS-compliant format.

LEAs will need to load an Assessment Metadata interchange file for each assessment they want to display. Each assessment will also have at least one Student Assessment interchange file used to enter student test scores and results. TEDS-compliant assessment vendors should make these files available directly to the LEA either by request or on-demand.

TEA will load state assessments, including STAAR, STAAR EOC, and TELPAS, on behalf of opted-in LEAs. Please check with your LEA Dashboard or Data Steward to see if you are opted in.

Which Vendors Can Load to TSDS?

As LEAs use TSDS, they can officially confirm for TEA whether their vendor is able to successfully create TEDS extracts. TEA is compiling a list of these vendors on the Compatible Software page.

What Guidance is Available for Vendors Wishing to Participate?

Vendors wishing to produce TEDS-compliant XML files for their client districts should reference Section 7 of the latest version of TEDS.

Vendors wishing to develop TEDS-compliant extractors may elect to provide test data files to TEA for analysis and feedback by contacting

 What if TEDS-Compliant XML Files are Not Available from My Vendor?

As a part of the 2015 federal Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) grant, TEA partnered with ESC Region 10 to enhance the Texas Education Data Standards Assessment Importer (TEDS-AI).  TEDS-AI is a conversion tool designed to convert assessment results into TEDS-compliant XML files that contain TSDS Unique IDs.  Currently, TEDS-AI supports the following exams:

  • SAT (College Board)
  • AWARE (Eduphoria!)

TEA will continue to expand the tool during the grant period to include additional exams like PSAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement. 

TEDS-AI is available for use by any Texas public school district.