What is the Texas Student Data System?

The Texas Student Data System (TSDS), a major initiative by the Texas Education Agency, is a statewide system that modernizes and improves the quality of data collection, management, and reporting in Texas education.

Through the enhanced TPEIR reporting, TSDS will support higher student performance across the state.


What is the TSDS Upgrade Project?

The TSDS Upgrade Project is a multi-year initiative to upgrade the Operational Data Store (ODS) and Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) to a current version of Ed-Fi.

The original TEDS and the associated data collections were built upon the initial version of the national-level Ed-Fi data standard. Those data standards are now more than three major versions behind the most recent Ed-Fi version, so TEA is performing a major system upgrade to be compatible with the latest standards and to make future updates easier.

This upgrade includes:

  • Transactional loading via an Application Programming Interface (API) 
  • Changes to the data standards (see the TSDS Upgrade Project version of TEDS)
  • New individual ODSs to house Ed-Fi and TEA-compliant data
  • A new Data Management Center (DMC) application to manage data in the individual ODSs


How will the TSDS Upgrade Project benefit me?

The TSDS Upgrade Project will benefit LEAs, Education Service Centers (ESCs), educators, students, and stakeholders by:

  • Automating data loading and eliminating bulk load processes
  • Improving performance
  • Providing more robust validations earlier in the data loading process
  • Aligning to vendor products that utilize Ed-Fi