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This is the main project archive for TSDS, containing training, communication, requirements, and design documentation. Older, less current documents are kept in the Historical Documents archiveexplore that page for the initial rounds of stakeholder feedback and early visions of the project.


PEIMS Comparison Infographic
TSDS PEIMS comparison TSDS PEIMS QuickStart
Infographic - TSDS PEIMS Process Flow THUMB
studentGPS® QuickStart
TSDS PEIMS Submission Process
studentGPS® QuickStart
ECDS 2016-2017 Cheat Sheet PEIMS Bundling Quickstart 

Introduction to TSDS

TSDS Overview and PEIMS (12/10/2012)

By Audience

Education Organization Presentations

Field Service Coordination Network & ESC Champions

Local Education Agency (LEA) Presentations 

    Lessons Learned

    Press Releases 

    Graphics & Diagrams

    TSDS Components Diagram

    Data Transfer Utility (DTU)

    Delete Utility

    eDM Data Loads/ODS 


    studentGPS® Dashboards

    TSDS Issue Management System (TIMS)

    TSDS Unique ID

     Validation Tool

    studentGPS® Demonstration Site

    Visit the studentGPS® Demo Site to explore a fully functional copy of the dashboards, populated with dummy data.

    Log in as "tpaul" (password "lpr11demo") to view a high school teacher's dashboards.

    studentGPS® Demonstration Videos

    Dashboard Demonstration Videos - Links are to external sites
    Vidicon studentGPS® Overview Vidicon SST and ARD Prep Vidicon Monitoring Attendance and Truancy

    Dashboards Overview

    Student Study Team & Admission, Review, and Dismissal  Meetings

    Monitoring Attendance and Truancy

    Vidicon Student Goal Setting Vidicon Intervention Identification and Monitoring Vidicon Parent-Teacher Conference Prep

    Student Goal Setting

    Intervention Identification and Monitoring

    Parent-Teacher Conference Preparation

    Vidicon Campus Improvement    

    Campus Improvement Planning




    Data Governance

    Regional Educational Laboratory - Data Governance Workshop, TEA presentation (8/22/2013)