Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) Overview

TEA is now hosting two editions of TEDS:

About TEDS


The TEDS XML-based standards based on the Ed-Fi 1.x standard, allow TEA to respond swiftly and cost-effectively to changing data reporting requirements, and they conform with US Department of Education best practices. TEDS is applied at the point that local systems create an extract for TSDS: that extract must be in TEDS-compliant XML format. As the extracted data is loaded to the ODS, it is validated against TEDS.

TEDS includes all data elements, code tables, business rules, and data validations needed to load local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school)  data to TSDS for PEIMS and the TSDS core collections.

TEA is upgrading TEDS to ODS 3.x version for the 2023-2024 school year. Adopting these standards will allow for the following:

  • The ability for LEAs to submit data via Ed-Fi APIs, which means that data will be sent automatically from the student information system to the ODS in near real time.
  • The ability for LEAs to submit data to the agency from multiple source systems. 
  • Achieving the goal of one data collection, reducing redundant data collections.
  • Improving system performance for LEA data submission.
  • Reducing time LEAs spend preparing data for submission to TEA.

TEDS Resources

The following link serves as the central location for TEDS standards and information.

Texas Education Data Standards

The following is a link to an ~15 minute video that provides an overview of TEDS:

TEDS Overview Training Module

Where TEDS is Applied

The LEA users' student information systems (SISs) apply the TEDS standards as the LEAs' education data is extracted from the SIS for loading to the Operational Data Store (ODS).

Implementation Help

LEAs and vendors who are in the process of implementing or maintaining TEDS for their local systems should view the integration resources on the Technical Resources tab.

TEA will also offer online and webinar training for vendors, LEAs, and ESCs implementing and using the TEDS and the TSDS system.  You can also contact TEA at TSDSCustomerSupport@tea.texas.gov.