How Does TSDS PEIMS Benefit my Local Education Agency?

  • All PEIMS collections for the current school year are open from the beginning of the school year.
  • It allows partial data loads, helping you avoid unwanted data changes. 
  • It allows full PEIMS collection loads by Education Service Center (ESC), local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school) or campus. 
  • It retains critical features from the legacy system, such as numerous report options.
  • It provides new automation, for example, of the principal approval process (formerly, the non-automated. Principal Approval Letter in EDIT+) and the extension request process.
  • It offers improved, intuitive navigation and a user-friendly design.

TSDS PEIMS Resources

  • The legacy PEIMS data standards have been updated and combined with the national-level Ed-Fi Core standards developed by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The new standards, called Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS), are available from the TEDS page of this website. 
  • Information about PDM and TEDS training is available on the TSDS Training page.
  • This website is the clearinghouse for all PEIMS information for TSDS; for information about the legacy PEIMS system, see the TEA legacy PEIMS site.  
  • If you have further questions, please visit our PEIMS and PEIMS Data Mart FAQs or contact TEA at TSDSdeployment@tea.texas.gov.    

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In the Education Data Warehouse, the PEIMS Data Mart accepts PEIMS data and allows the user to validate, submit, and generate reports on their PEIMS collections. TEA passes accepted data on to TPEIR, where it is aggregated for anonymity and becomes part of TPEIR's publicly released education data.


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