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FAQs – Unique ID

TEA Login (TEAL)

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Do I need to be set up in TEAL?

To use Unique ID, you must have a TEAL account. After March 25th, 2013, it will not be possible to access the Person Information Database (PID) for updates or adds, so it is important that you have TEAL access at that time. After March 11th, 2013, everything PID related will be suspended. For more on TEAL access for Unique UID, see the UID/TEAL rollout webinar.

Does the approver get an email when a request is initiated, or do they have to sign on to their account to see it?

The approver receives an email notification when there is a request to approve. 

If I'm requesting Unique ID Campus, where do I indicate the campus number?

Enter the nine-digit campus number in the Requested Organization field in the TEAL request form. 

Do we have to send something to TEA about the board resolution?

If the local education agency (LEATexas school district or charter school) opts to designate an alternate approver, the LEA will need to send board meeting minutes to TEA so that we can verify the person has board approval. 

How does the requestor know that their request has been deleted due to no action by approvers?

The requestor receives email notification after five days if the approver has not acted on the request. At that point, the requestor can follow up with the approver. 

In addition, if the requestor logs onto TEAL and reviews requests submitted, those requests will be labeled as having errors. At that point, the requestor can follow up with the approver.  

How is the warning sent to the approver? Is it via e-mail or within the TEAL account?

The notification is sent via email. 

Does the 5 days include weekends?


Once the access for TSDS is granted in TEAL, will the application be listed with a link, as is the case for TREx?

Yes, a link will take you to the TSDS portal, and after you click that link, you will be able to click on TSDS Unique ID.

Some LEAs are closed for several weeks during summerwill TEAL lock the users out for not logging in for a number of days?

No, the TEAL account will continue to function. However, the organization approver is required to recertify accounts once a year to verify that staff still need access. 



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