Vendor Guide

What Is TSDS?

TSDS is Texas' new education data collection system.

It replaces and expands on PEIMS EDIT+, and its goal is to improve and standardize the data collection and data management process in the State of Texas and equip educators with timely, actionable, and historical student data to drive classroom and student success.

This guide is part of a larger collection of resources for vendors and LEA staff in the Technical Resources section of this site.

How Does TSDS Affect Vendors?

As a vendor, you may be involved in any of the following:

How Will TSDS Be Implemented?

Because TSDS is a large, multi-functional system with a Texas-wide user base, TEA is rolling it out to the local education agencies (LEAsTexas school districts and charter schools) in phases.  TSDS will be implemented incrementally across LEAs, with all LEAs migrated over to TSDS in the 2016-17 school year (visit the Deployment section for details).

Please refer to the Technical Resources section for more information to start planning updates and enhancements to your systems.

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