Deployment - TSDS PEIMS Stage 2 (2016-2017)

What Is Stage 2?

Stage 2 of the TSDS PEIMS rollout is the final stage of adoption for TSDS PEIMS.  Starting in Stage 2 and going forward, all LEAs across the state will use TSDS PEIMS to submit their collections, and it will become the official system of record for all of PEIMS.

The new PEIMS system was implemented in stages due to the size of the effort and the importance of the data. During Stage 1, half of the LEAs used TSDS PEIMS as their system of record, while half continued using the legacy EDIT+ PEIMS system. This gave TEA the opportunity to test system capacity under real-world use and adjust the hardware and software as needed.

Now that Stage 1 is completed, TEA no longer needs to maintain the expensive, aging, and unstable EDIT+ system for new school years, although it will still be open to LEAs to view their old EDIT+ working and approved collections.  This reduced role for EDIT+ means that resources will be available to focus on supporting and continually improving TSDS PEIMS.

Preparing for Stage 2

To prepare for the switchover, Stage 2 adopters should:

  • Have your PEIMS staff trained on TSDS PEIMS by your ESC or certified TSDS vendor
  • Alert your SIS and HR/Finance vendors that you are Stage 2 adopters and confirm that your systems are TEDS-compliant for TSDS PEIMS
  • Make sure that all PEIMS users—including the Superintendent—have TEAL accounts with the appropriate TSDS PEIMS permissions
  • Determine whether or not to allow your campuses to load PEIMS data, and ensure that they have a Campus PEIMS Submitter and a Campus PEIMS Approver in place with the correct TEAL permissions
  • Familiarize yourself and your PEIMS staff with the PEIMS submission process—especially new features, like the automated campus process and the elimination of the now-redundant turnaround process
  • Print out the TSDS PEIMS Quickstart Guide to help users get accustomed to the EDIT+ transition to TSDS PEIMS
  • Make sure you have designated a TSDS Executive Steward, Data Steward, and—for larger LEAs—a TSDS Program Steward
  • Make sure you know your ESC or certified TSDS vendor Champions 
  • Familiarize yourself with the TSDS Incident Management System (TIMS) for requesting support

Helpful Handouts for PEIMS Adopters

TSDS PEIMS Process                      TSDS PEIMS Quickstart  

Infographic - TSDS PEIMS Process Flow THUMB  PEIMS QuickStart THUMB


When Can I Start Loading?

You can load and promote to all four 2016-2017 collections starting September 1, 2016. On October 31, 2016 (once all prior year collections have been completed and the data processed), you can begin completing your Fall submission. Note that until October 31, output from reports and rules that use prior year data is provisional—these calculations can only be correct once all prior year data has been finalized in the system.

Deployment Resources