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Texas Education Data Standards

This page serves as a central location for current and prior years' TEDS. The links below provide access to TEDS for both the TSDS and PEIMS data collections.

TEDS 2018-2019Released
    For LEAs Using TSDS + PEIMS 08/01/2018
    For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only08/01/2018
    List of ECHS, P-TECH, and T-STEM High Schools09/13/2018
    TSDS Core Collections          09/28/2018
    TSDS TEDS Change Log(s)       08/01/2018 
TEDS 2017-2018Released
    For LEAs Using TSDS + PEIMS 09/01/2017
    For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only09/01/2017
   TSDS Core Collections          09/01/2017
    TSDS TEDS Change Log(s)      09/01/2017
TEDS 2016-2017Released
    For LEAs Using TSDS + PEIMS 10/14/2016
    For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only10/14/2016
    TSDS Core Collections          10/14/2016
    TSDS TEDS Change Log(s)      11/14/2016
TEDS 2015-2016Released
    For LEAs Using TSDS + PEIMS 02/02/2016
    For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only02/02/2016
    TSDS Core Collections       10/21/2015
    TSDS TEDS Change Log(s)      11/01/2015
   eDM Error Dictionary (XLS)       10/10/2018
   eDM Error Dictionary - Batch Manager (PDF) 10/10/2018
   eDM Error Dictionary - Duplicates (PDF)10/15/2018
   eDM Error Dictionary - File Manager (PDF)   10/10/2018
   eDM Error Dictionary - Reference Guide (PDF)    10/10/2018
   Delete Utility Reload Guide 2017-2018 (PDF)    7/23/2018
   Field Validation Rule Interchange Guide (PDF) 10/10/2018
TSDS Unique IDReleased
    TSDS Unique ID03/01/2018

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