The TSDS Delete Utility

See also the Delete Utility User Guide

What is the Delete Utility?

The Delete Utility (DU) is an eScholar application designed to allow ODS Data Loaders to delete specific types of data from specified collections within TSDS. Currently users can only delete data from the "TSDS" collection (that is, data files that are submitted to TSDS with the "TSDS" prefix), but in the future this functionality will be expanded to include PEIMS data as well. The following data can be deleted using the Delete Utility:

  • Course Transcripts 
  • Staff Education Organization Association 
  • Student Academic Record 
  • Student Attendance 
  • Student Grades 
  • Student School Association 
  • Student Section Association 
  • Teacher School Association 
  • Teacher Section Association 
  • Student Programs 

How Do I Access the DU?

For users with the appropriate TEAL access (e.g., ODS Data Loaders) the DU can be accessed via the Manage Data Loads icon on the landing page of the TSDS Portal website. The eDM Data Loads application will open and the DU can be accessed within the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

How Do I View Previous Delete Jobs?

The default view page (My Deletes) shows Login ID, Delete Name, number of Rows Deleted, Date Executed, Audit Parameters, Comments, Status and any Action(s) taken. If a particular delete job is not listed, the user may search the Comments field.

How Do I Request a New Delete Job?

New delete jobs may be requested via the 'New Delete Request' link on the left side of the DU view page. The user may then select the data they wish to delete and make any necessary comments. The DU will provide a preview of the records to be deleted giving the user an opportunity to review and confirm their submission.

Downloading Deleted Data

The user also has the option to download any deleted data into table format.

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