FAQs – Data Loading

Are any of the communication methods going to utilize Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) standards?


Will LEAs be able to automate our database to communicate with your server so that we don't have to submit data manually?

Yes. Our system requirements specify that TSDS must allow both automated as well as manual loads to the Operational Data Store (ODS).

How is local assessment data uploaded?

If your LEA has a commercial product, you should discuss with your vendor whether they are working on the development of an extraction tool. As an example, TEA is currently working with Eduphoria! to build a tool to extract dashboard-related data from Eduphoria!. Conversely, If you have an in-house assessment product, then you (the LEA) are responsible for writing that extraction using the Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) Assessment Interchanges.

If an LEA uses one application for student and HR data and another application for financial data, will that affect their data submissions?

There is no impact to the data submission, as TEA is currently working with most source system vendors on implementing the extraction process.

Will the system integrate with DMAC?

Yes. TEA is currently working with DMAC on the development of an extraction tool.

If an LEA is currently using a SIS other than the state-sponsored ones, will that system work with TSDS?

Yes. All vendors are required at a minimum to write the extractors for PEIMS. Please check with your vendor(s) to ensure that they are developing an extraction tool for the dashboard data as well.

Will LEAs be able to perform nightly uploads?


Will TEA provide tools to automatically load data from Pearson?

No. At this time, the LEAs will be responsible for loading their own TAKS/STAAR data.

Can Eduphoria! benchmark data be loaded to TSDS?