FAQs – Security

Are there security systems in place to protect the exposure of confidential student information in the classroom?

Yes. The safety and security of students and educators is very important to TEA. TSDS has been designed with security in mind from the very beginning.

TEA has a modern security system in place to protect access to sensitive and confidential information. TEA Login (TEAL) grants access based on approval by school district administrators. Ultimately, the only people with access to the data will be the specific educators and administrators who need it to serve that student. For more about TSDS security, visit the Security section of this website.

How will teachers, counselors, and principals be identified and security handled?

Security authentication for TSDS will be handled by the TEAL (TEA Login) application. Access to data, depending on your position or role, will be handled in the Education Data Warehouse (EDW).

Who manages the role-based security and login for TSDS? The LEA or TEA?

The local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school) manages the roles through TEA's security system, TEAL.

How can system users keep TSDS secure?

  • Follow general computer security best practices.
  • Lock your work station in your classroom or office when you leave your desk.
  • Never write down your password.
  • Safeguard data that you download, print, or view in a public place.