FAQs – Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and the PEIMS Data Mart

What's the difference between PEIMS, the PDM, and EDIT+?

PEIMS itself is the legislatively mandated set of data collected by TEA about public education, including student, staff, course, financial, and organizational information. EDIT+ is the legacy application for loading, validating, and submitting PEIMS data to TEA. TSDS PEIMS is replacing the legacy system. In TSDS, the PEIMS Data Mart (PDM) holds data that users promote from the Operational Data Store (ODS) before it is finalized; users manage this process in the new TSDS PEIMS application.

Why is TEA replacing EDIT +?

EDIT + is built on an outdated architecture and has reached the limit of its ability to handle the amount of data that is currently being submitted. A new PEIMS system will be more cost effective, timely, and accurate and will provide LEAs with a better tool to submit their data.

Will local education agencies (LEAs) need to change the software they use for PEIMS submissions?

You are free to use any SIS you like. However, your PEIMS-reporting software must implement the latest TSDS Education Data Standards (TEDS) by the time your LEA transitions to TSDS PEIMS.

LEAs are encouraged to communicate with their vendors early and often to ensure that their SIS is fully updated in time. You should also check our Compatible Software page for a list of vendors who are compatible with TSDS PEIMS.

Will LEAs be required to submit PEIMS data more frequently? Will additional data be required to submit?

No. LEAs will continue to certify and validate PEIMS data for state submission according to the current schedule (four times a year). In the TSDS PEIMS, LEAs will be able to promote data as often as they like in advance, but are not required to do so.

No extra data is required for TSDS PEIMS submission.

Will LEAs still be able to validate and correct PEIMS submissions? How will the extraction and validation process work?

Yes. The Texas Student Data System (TSDS) supplies new tools for validating, but the overall process is similar. Users' SISs and other local education data systems will generate extracts of PEIMS data. They can run the data through a local copy of the validation tool to fix errors before loading. The extract will then be pulled to the Operational Data Store (ODS). From the ODS, the LEA users will promote the data to the PDM, where they can validate their data and review error reports. Users will then correct the errors in their source systems and reload their data. However, unlike the current EDIT+ system, the new system will allow partial promotions to PEIMS that can be used to compile and then complete a submission.

Will TSDS continue to collect the organization, finance, staff, student, and course data that are currently collected for PEIMS?

Yes. TSDS will continue to collect data from all five of these areas. The majority of SIS vendors in Texas have participated in the PEIMS Early Adopter process, so they have been able to test their systems’ ability to create TEDS-compliant extracts. For a list of vendors that can extract for PEIMS, see the Compatible Software page.

What percentage of the data elements specified in the TEDS is required for PEIMS?

PEIMS-only elements: 153
Dashboard-only elements: 259
Elements that serve both PEIMS and dashboards: 32

The PEIMS-only elements plus the elements that serve both PEIMS and dashboards equal 185, or 42%.

Note: the same element may appear in multiple complex types, but it is only counted once.

Will TEA receive the PEIMS data information on a more timely schedule? 

No. The PEIMS submission process will follow the same schedule in TSDS as it does in EDIT+. LEAs will be able to load their data earlier and have access to their underlying data in a more timely manner via the ODS, but TEA access will remain the same.

Will there be additional data collections? 

No. TSDS will employ the same four collections so that the TEA program areas that use PEIMS data will not be affected. In addition, TEA decided to retain the original collection structure in response to LEA requests that the submissions remain the same for the initial rollout.

Will EDIT+ go away with the implementation of TSDS?

We are running EDIT+ in parallel with TSDS PEIMS at the moment, and it will continue to be available for submissions in the 2015-2016 school year. It will be used after that for data access only until the data has expired, then it will be retired and all LEAs will use TSDS PEIMS exclusively.

When will the PDM first be implemented?

Four Limited Production Release districts began using TSDS PEIMS in 2013-2014, and more LEAs were on-boarded during the 2014-2015 Early Adopter stage. These LEAs parallel tested the data, reports, and validations, and provided invaluable feedback on the system itself. We are now about to roll PEIMS out to approximately 600 LEAs (Stage 1) for use as their system of record in the 2015-2016 school year. The remaining LEAs will be on-boarded in 2016-2017 (Stage 2). See the Deployment section for more information on our rollout plan.