Data Flow

What Is Changing?

Once the TSDS Upgrade Project has been implemented, systems used by LEAs such as student information, assessment, human resource, and/or finance systems submit reporting data to TSDS via transactional, near-real-time, automated loads using an API based on the most current TEDS version.

For example, when a user updates TSDS data in their local student information system, that change will be automatically published to the LEA’s Individual ODS, (IODS). LEAs will no longer have to extract and load their data into TSDS for state reporting. 

In addition, users will be able to run data validations earlier in the process through the Data Management Center application.


What Is Staying the Same?

LEAs will continue to promote, validate, and verify their TSDS data submissions in the same way they do currently. Those processes, applications, and reports are not expected to be significantly impacted by the TEDS  changes. Additionally, LEAs will continue to use the following existing systems and process: 

  • TSDS Web-Enabled Data Standards (TWEDS) (specifications and guidance)
  • TEA login (TEAL) (access and authentication)
  • Unique ID (management and assignment of student and staff IDs)
  • Existing PEIMS and TSDS Core applications (data promotion)
  • Existing TSDS validation process (data quality verification)
  • Existing TSDS reports (data verification)
  • TSDS Incident Management System (TIMS)


Components Diagram

TSDS Upgrade Project Components Diagram



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