Implementation Timeline

What is the TSDS Upgrade Project Timeline?

TEA is using a staged approach for system deployment. TEA is offering both a pilot program and a parallel submission to ensure vendor and LEA readiness:

Pilot Extended Parallel Go live

Pilot Program: September 2021 – August 2023

  • Optional: TSDS vendors can participate in pilot program to develop and test their product solutions.
  • Optional: LEAs can partner with their vendors to conduct end-to-end testing in preparation for parallel submission.

Parallel Submission: August 2023 – August 2024

  • Required: All TSDS vendors test their product solutions.
  • Optional: LEAs will submit both API transactions and XML submissions and compare results to ensure vendor readiness.

Go-Live: 2024 – 2025 School Year

  • Required: All LEAs will submit their TSDS official data through API transactions.
  • XML submissions no longer accepted for TSDS.


TSDS Upgrade Rollout

Pilot 2021‐2023

Parallel 2023‐2024

Go‐live 2024‐2025


  • Provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) to vendors for initial development and testing
  • Stand up the TSDS Parallel environment
  • Release individual ODS and Data Management Center (DMC) application
  • Allow testing of a limited set of data collections
  • Release the new 4.x version of the TEDS


  • Update product solutions
  • Configure individual ODSs
  • Publish data using API
  • Validate data through TSDS applications


  • Update TWEDS for 4.x data standards
  • Release the TWEDS Rewrite
  • Provide additional system functionality
  • Release parallel version of all remaining TSDS applications
  • Allow comparison and testing of all TSDS data submissions
  • Support LEAs, ESCs, and vendors with any reported issues
  • Train ESC Champions and Certified Vendors
  • Release L2 validations for LEAs to run in the DMC


  • Provide product updates and training
  • Configure individual ODSs
  • Publish data using API
  • Compare ODS 4.x data vs legacy data for accuracy


  • Retire the TSDS parallel environment
  • Make ODS 4.x version of TSDS the system of record
  • Provide support and resources to ESCs and LEAs


  • Load data to ODS 4.x using the API