Charter School Waitlist (CSW)

What is CSW?

The Charter School Waitlist collection was created in response to Senate Bill (SB) 2293 from the 86th legislative session, which requires all open-enrollment charter schools in the state to report data on their admission waiting list by the last Friday in October; the data submitted will be as of the last Friday in September.  Each charter school’s campus must report the number of students enrolled, the educational enrollment capacity, and whether the charter school campus uses a waitlist for admission. 

If a waitlist is used by a campus, the charter school campus must report the students on the waitlist.
In addition, charter schools are required to report all students who have applied to any of their campuses. 

Data Submission Timeline

Charters are required to submit their CSW data to the agency by the last Friday of October every year. Users may begin loading TSDS data when the Operational Data Store (ODS) opens each year.

Refer to the Texas Education Data Standards for specific Charter School Waitlist data submission timelines.

Technical Data Flow