State Performance Plan Indicator 14

What Is SPPI-14?

The State Performance Plan Indicator 14 (SPPI-14) is one of 17 indicators of the State Performance Plan.  SPPI-14 requires the state to survey special education services recipients who have left high school.  This survey provides a clear measure of post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities as they transition from high school to adult life.  The survey results are submitted to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).  Local education agencies (LEAs) submit student and parent/guardian contact information to the SPPI-14 data collection to be used in contacting a random sample of special education recipients to administer the survey.

The data is required to be submitted for students with disabilities who meet the following three criteria:

  • enrolled in Grades 9-12 in the previous school year
  • dropped out, graduated, or completed a GED
  • are being reported as Leavers in the current school year


Data Submission Timeline

LEAs are required to submit their SPPI-14 data annually.  Users may begin loading TSDS data when the Operational Data Store (ODS) opens each year.  They may begin promoting data to SPPI-14 when the collection opens at the beginning of the school year.  SPPI-14 data is due on the third Thursday of each February.

Refer to the Texas Education Data Standards for specific SPPI-14 data submission timelines.


Technical Data Flow

SPPI-14 Data Submission Process