Residential Facility Tracker (RF Tracker)

What Is RF Tracker?

The RF Tracker data collection data is related to students with disabilities who reside in residential facilities (RFs) within the geographic boundaries or jurisdiction of a local education agency (LEA). An RF is a facility that provides 24-hour custody or care of students who reside there for detention, treatment, foster care, or any non-educational purpose. A traditional foster home licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) as a Foster Family Home (Independent) is not considered an RF for the purposes of this collection.

RF Tracker is one of a number of monitoring systems created to ensure that students in special education programs receive the services they need. The data collected by RF Tracker is used by TEA to support the implementation of continuous improvement strategies, interventions, and sanctions to improve LEA performance and compliance with federal and state special education requirements.


Data Submission Timeline

LEAs are required to submit their RF Tracker data annually. Users may begin loading TSDS data when the Operational Data Store (ODS) opens each year.  They may begin promoting data to RF Tracker when the collection opens at the beginning of the school year.

Refer to the Texas Education Data Standards for specific RF Tracker data submission timelines.


Technical Data Flow