ECDS Technical Overview
  • Technical Data Flow
  • Data Submission Timelines
  • TEDS Technical Guidance
  • Preparing/Finalizing Data Submission
  • Validating Submission Data
  • ECDS Reports 
TSDS_ECDS_Cheat_Sheet 2020.png

Data Submission Timelines

The ECDS kindergarten submission is due after Beginning-of-Year (BOY) assessments are administered and reported to the TEA. The ECDS prekindergarten collection is due after the End-of-Year (EOY) assessments are administered and include BOY results. This submission is reported to the TEA at the end of the academic school year.

Refer to the Texas Education Data Standards for specific ECDS data submission timelines. 

TEDS Technical Guidance

 Refer to Section 10 in the TSDS Core Collections section of TEDS for the required ECDS data elements when submitting kindergarten, public prekindergarten, and private prekindergarten data. LEAs should contact their student information, HR, and assessment system vendors to ensure that their systems can produce TEDS-compliant extracts for all required data elements

Preparing/Finalizing Data Submissions

The Prepare/Finalize Submission page displays record count and status information. The Prepare process moves ECDS demographic and assessment data, which can be prepared independently of each other, from the ODS into the Core Collection data mart. This allows validations to be performed on the data and allows LEAs to confirm their data submission prior to Completing. There is a summary section at the top of the page and a separate table for Assessment Subcategories data, as shown below. 



Validating Submission Data

ECDS provides data validations to ensure data quality and compliance. LEAs can run validations against specific data subcategories or validate an entire submission at once, as shown below.  Error reporting allows the LEAs to identify data issues with their ECDS collection.


ECDS Reports

To ensure data quality, LEAs have access to data submission reports from within the ECDS application.   

Report Numbers Report Name
ECD0-000-001 TSDS Early Childhood KG Assessment Completion
ECD0-000-002 TSDS Early Childhood KG Assessment Summary
ECD0-000-003 TSDS Early Childhood KG Assessment with PK Sources
ECD0-000-004 TSDS Early Childhood KG Data Submission
ECD0-000-005 TSDS Early Childhood Incomplete KG Assessment Data
ECD0-000-006 TSDS Early Childhood PK Data Submission
ECD0-000-007 TSDS Early Childhood PK Completion
ECD0-000-009 TSDS Early Childhood PK Assessment Summary


The View Reports page, as shown below, handles all reports navigation and does not require opening a separate window to select and view reports.