Class Roster

What Is Class Roster?

The Class Roster collection is used to report data about course offerings, teacher demographics, teacher class assignments, student demographics, and student class enrollments.  The data is used to create a student assessment data portal accessible by school districts, teachers, parents, students, and public institutions of higher education. Class Roster collects information in advance of and close to the time assessments are administered so that vendors can link the students to their correct teachers. This allows TEA to provide assessment results through the assessment portal at the individual classroom level, and it provides data for the Teacher Incentive Allotment calculation.

Data Submission Timeline

LEAs are required to submit their Class Roster data two times per year: once in the Fall and again in the Winter. Users may begin loading TSDS data when the Operational Data Store (ODS) opens each year. 

Refer to the Texas Education Data Standards for specific Class Roster data submission timelines.

Technical Data Flow


Class Roster Process Flow